Navigating the emotional stages of a home renovation

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Renovations are more than just blueprints and construction. They encompass a whirlwind of emotions often overshadowed by the logistical and technical intricacies. Drawing from our extensive experience, we understand the nuances of this journey and take immense care in offering our busy clientele an enjoyable and seamless experience. It all starts with transparent communication. Embarking… Continue reading Navigating the emotional stages of a home renovation

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Colour drenching. What is it and why it works

COLOUR DRENCHING. WHAT IS IT AND WHY IT WORKS Everyone is loving colour drenching. Living rooms, kitchens and bedrooms are receiving a total colour-match makeover that is sweeping across the decorating world. So, what exactly is colour drenching and why it’s worth considering it? Room decorating and painting trends have evolved over the years, reflecting changing… Continue reading Colour drenching. What is it and why it works

3 sofa styles to check

Three sofa styles to check and how to make them work in your room. Contemporary. A contemporary sofa combines clean, sleek lines and generous proportions. Expect deep seats, lower back, larger sizes. Ideal choice for family time and lounging. Chrome sky legs can be a feature too. Traditionally rather squared, their lines are now much… Continue reading 3 sofa styles to check

How to choose your dream sofa

The ultimate guide to choosing the perfect sofa Choosing your new sofa is not always easy. Contemporary sofas have become multifunctional islands in the centre of our living rooms, one of the places where we rest, sleep, play, socialise and often work. They will prompt conversations and embrace you in your lonely moments, offer help… Continue reading How to choose your dream sofa

Designing for well-being

Designing for Wellbeing: How Your Environment Can Affect Your Happiness Space has the ability to affect and influence our emotions and perceptions through multiple factors such as color, light, and geometry, right down to the very materials that are used in its construction.  Walls, floors, furniture, but also soft furnishing, decor and objects of everyday… Continue reading Designing for well-being

Space and creativity. A fascinating dialogue

An exhibition in Paris. One of my favorite photographers. A woman. A flat with its unfinished, slightly decadent and yes, so Parisian beauty, where she spent her childhood and adolescence. With its ever changing light and atmosphere, this familiar space offered that natural playground to take the first steps into photography and to make her… Continue reading Space and creativity. A fascinating dialogue

Second hand? Is not second best

Save money, go sustainable and support local businesses and charities. How to create your unique style with second hand furniture. Second hand is never a second best, I will never reiterate that enough. Shopping local and second hand can bring a new depth and character into your space as well as supporting local business and charities… Continue reading Second hand? Is not second best

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Master bedroom makeover

I wanted a bedroom which was stylish yet not polished, a place infused with relaxed beauty, somewhere in between a den and a boudoir. The large south facing window allowed for accent walls but solid walls did not seem to bring the sense of laid back and cozy ambience I was after. I had these… Continue reading Master bedroom makeover

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