Italian interior design based in Bristol

I celebrate your individuality through thoughtful interior design that works for real life.

My expertise, my creativity and my all Italian sense of style will help you create your individual, beautiful living space.

Contemporary living room remodel. Open plan kitchen and living room with monochrome teal walls and vintage G-Plan side board
Contemporary entrance sustainable decor, affordable interior design. French gray walls, dappled light and affordable art decor

How we use space and how we live and feel in it, is what challenges my creativity to find the perfect balance between form and functionality and achieve a style that brings an individual vision to life.

When I design a space, it’s about the ways I can do this in a sustainable way. In every home, I always find items that I can reinvent by repurposing or upcycling. I then work with local makers and turn them into a own one – off treasure. 

I know how a home that is thoughtfully designed shapes the social life of the individuals living in it. When I design spaces I think about how people are going to use them and what they are going to feel like.


My design genius. Designing a soulful space that you will love every minute of the day is my genius. Every aspect is thoughtfully planned to functionality and curated to elevate your style.

A solution – driven approach. I troubleshoot, problem solve and have all the difficult conversations. I deal with contractors and manage deliveries. You just relax and read my weekly report.

I will leave the final decision to you. I will listen to your ideas and requirements and elevate them to a design. My proposal will be stylish and unexpected, but I’ll never force my ideas on you and never take it personally. If you don’t love it, it’s gone. 

Transparency, every step of the way. You will know what’s happening at every step of the process. The only surprise I let my clients have is their beautiful new home.

A solid network of Bristol based makers and traders. Small, independent makers ensure your projects are custom made to the higher standard and delivered on time. Keeping it local is also planet and budget friendly as it reduces carbon footprint and supply chain costs. Alongside, I have established relationships with well-known brands and best trade suppliers both in the UK and in Europe.

Whether renovating your space or just giving a new soul to a room I will help you create a project that is beautiful and unique, keeping it within your budget and friendly to our planet.

Have a little browse through my services to pick what’s best for you.

Mid-century modern style G-Plan side board. Styled with designer vintage radio and art book for affordable interior design