Here are the questions I get asked more frequently. This page will always be “in progress”, so please do get in touch if you cannot find an answer below yet.

I AM UNSURE WHAT SERVICE SUITES MY NEEDS. HOW CAN YOU HELP? Every project begins with 2 steps: a Discovery Call and an a Home Visit. Once I can assess your family situation, lifestyle, layouts and needs moving forward, I will then be able to make a recommendation on which service I believe is best for you. We will discuss why I believe that’s in your best interest and how you can benefit from that particular service.

MY PROJECT INVOLVES STRUCTURAL WORKS. CAN YOU HELP ME? If your project involves changing structural load bearing walls or adding square footage, an architect and/or structural engineer will need to be involved. They will provide the necessary drawings and structural calculations required by your local building department to ensure your safety and welfare, as well as passing building inspections. I’d be happy to refer you to someone who could assist you with this.

SHOULD WE HIRE AN INTERIOR DESIGNER BEFORE WE BUY A HOUSE? Buying a new house is a big commitment and it’s not as simple as it might look at first sight. As an interior designer I can help you, even at this early stage by offering a consultation during the viewing process. Once you find a property you are interested in, we can view it together to help you make sure it’s the right one.

WHAT IF I AM UNHAPPY WITH THE DESIGN? I like to connect with my clients first, so every project begins with an extensive research phase, where I will gather plenty of information about your house and lifestyle. This will lead to a design concept that reflects your tastes and preferences, not mine. You will get to approve your design and have several opportunities to provide feedback. I encourage an open and honest communication and I will never take it personally if you dismiss an idea. Should that happen, I will help you find a better option.

WHY IS AN INITIAL CALL IMPORTANT PRIOR TO A HOME VISIT? Interior Designers require an initial phone conversation to get an overview of what you are looking for and ensure we are the right fit for you. This call is approximately 20 minutes. It’s the first chance to talk about your project and ask relevant questions. We will discuss your requirements, budget and time frame and talk about what would be the best option for you with all this in mind. If you are not sure how to set a budget I can help you creating one. Get in touch to book your Discovery Call.

If you are about to purchase a new home and you are not sure what you could do with the space, get in touch to have professional advice.

I AM UNSURE ABOUT MY BUDGET. HOW CAN YOU HELP? Determining a realistic budget is not an easy task. Whereas the most common (and dangerous) risk is that of underestimating expenses, you could see your bill boost beyond your budget with the only purpose of buying the latest trends in furniture or furnishings with little or no notification. I always make sure to have a clear picture of your budget limits and how far you’re willing to go. If you are not yet sure what budget your project will require, I will help you create one and suggest what changes you can make to meet your expectations. Your project may just be too big for your budget. It’s also my job to make you aware of that.


Cancellation of services can be made within 24 hours from signed proposal. Please see your signed agreement for further details.


This depends on a variety of things from scope of work, schedule constraints by the designer or by the clients itself, product lead times, delays outside of our control, how quickly decisions are made and many other things. I will be able to give you a better estimate after the Home Visit. If you have a time sensitive project, please let me know straightaway to ensure I can meet your needs.


If you have a favourite piece of furniture, accessory or something that holds sentimental value, please let me know at home visit. This way I can ensure these items stay in the design plan and the design is coordinated around these valuables. 


I love mixing styles, particularly Mid Century modern, Art Déco, Bauhaus and incorporating a vintage piece as well as natural elements and materials in my projects. Having said that, what I love is to to design for my clients and not for myself. How we use space and how we live and feel in it, is what challenges my creativity to find the perfect balance between form and functionality and achieve a style that brings every individual vision to life.
I know how a home that is thoughtfully designed shapes the social life of the individuals living in it. When I design spaces I think about how people are going to use them and what they are going to feel like.
When I design a space, it’s about the ways I can do this in a sustainable way. In every home, I always find items that can be reinvented by repurposing or upcycling. I will work with local makers and turn them into your own one – off treasure.


As professionals, interior designers have access to trade prices, which allow them to purchase items at a discounted price. There is an ongoing debate as to whether we should share these discounts with our clients and every professional is different. Based on my experience, I have chosen not to. 
As an interior designer I spend plenty of time building relationships with trusted traders, testing the quality of their products, their customer service and their return policies. Knowing the right vendor for the client’s project is part of the expertise I offer. Therefore the fee I earn in a trade price reflects the quality of services I offer. Thanks to this, I can also keep my design fee at a reasonable standard. 
I will always be transparent and give you a clear picture of my fee structure and price policies. 


If you are asking yourself “What can I do before the Home Visit?” here are a few things you can do to prepare.

Plan your time. The visit will take around 2 hrs. I might need some additional time to take pictures and measurements but I can be independent in this (if that is ok with you)
All parties involved should be present. If this is not possible, I would suggest to discuss with them any special requirements or wants they might have. This will make sure the project is set in right direction from the start and we keep it on time and within the budget.
Think about an initial budget. I can design for your budget or for your dream, but we need to have a starting point and then I will be able to assist you in creating a definitive one. Once we have and initial budget we can decide to break the projects in steps
Get a list if our conversation triggered new ideas! Note the changes you would like to make and what you like and do not like about your space.
Get inspired. Collect pictures on Pinterest, tear pages from magazines or take snapshots when something catches your eye. Everything is allowed as long as you have fun doing it.  

If you don’t feel like it or do not have time, that’s perfectly ok. Let me take the lead and I will guide you through all this


I source items  from local independent shops, makers, traders  and artists in Bristol and Somerset and I am constantly expanding and deepening my connections. My network of local traders and makers ensure your projects are custom made to the higher standard, delivered on time and with reduced supply chain costs.
I also have established relationships with well-known brands and best trade suppliers both in the UK and in Europe. They all have a legacy in craftsmanship and a look at the future mindset and manufacture exquisite creations. Should any issue arise, I know whom to talk to and how to solve it.  Factors such as style, quality, durability, delivery cost and times, location of items, etc. will be taken into consideration when sourcing products.