My ethos

“I want to help people live in beautiful spaces and I want it to be accessible to everyone and not just a privilege of the few” I said to a dear friend. And he came up with an incredible word…democracy.

Later, I came across democratic design, a vision introduced by French designer Phillip Stark as “design that provides quality pieces at accessible prices.” I was fascinated by the word democratic associated with something made for consumption.


I decided to carry this vision into residential interior design, making everyday spaces beautiful and unique yet also affordable and planet – friendly.

I achieve this vision by transferring knowledge to my clients, collaborating with small local makers, carefully selecting suppliers and championing sustainable interior design and the circular economy cycle. 

I support local independent shops, makers, traders  and artists and I am constantly expanding my connections.
My network of local traders and makers ensure your projects are custom made to the higher standard, delivered on time and with reduced supply chain costs.

I can source unique vintage and antique furniture and accessories that would take longer lead times and higher prices or – often – reinvent or upcycle items to create your own one – off treasure.

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