Space and creativity. A fascinating dialogue

An exhibition in Paris. One of my favorite photographers. A woman. A flat with its unfinished, slightly decadent and yes, so Parisian beauty, where she spent her childhood and adolescence. With its ever changing light and atmosphere, this familiar space offered that natural playground to take the first steps into photography and to make her models feel comfortable. A way to tell other people’s intimate stories by immersing them into your own. 

Two of my great passions are so interlocked here. Too tempting not to think about the intriguing relationship between space and creativity. 

I always find beauty calming and inspiring. Many times in my life, the way light was hitting a bunch of flowers or a curtain was gently sitting on the floor in one of my homes, instantly made me grab my camera creating pictures and moments I still feel strongly about. 

The space you live in influences our creativity, our emotions and our ability to share our everyday life with the ones we love. Stay tuned, we will be exploring more about this.

The exhibition inspiring this post is about Carole Bellaiche. You can view it here “25 Boulevard Beaumarches

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