Space remodel | Open plan living and kitchen

Total remodel of downstairs floor in this traditional mid ’30s corner house. The original layout – living room, corridor, downstairs toilet and kitchen/dining room – was completely redesigned and transformed into an open plan space.

Fluid, versatile & stylish were the keywords to make it come true.

Major structural works were required. Partition walls were demolished and downstairs toilet was removed to transform the space into an open plan.
open plan iving room, Agatha sofa by Arlo and Jacob
This wall was partially rebuilt to hide the cooking area, while visually delineating the living space and offering a backdrop for a stylish sofa.
living room, wooden floor, vintage
Wide engineered wooden boards create one long straight line that visually connect the entrance with the kitchen, on the other end of the house.
The dining area is delineated by the height and colour of the ceiling.
A stunning teal was the bold choice to give character and elegance: it embraces the walls, part of the ceiling and of the furniture, pulling the whole space together with a sensational result.
Bespoke wooden cubes offer stylish storage for the vinyl collection and art books.
The partition wall was kept bare. It turns into a wall to wall home cinema screen.
A traditional dresser was revamped as focal point to the exposed storage area. Scaffolding shelves will add a contemporary touch while offering storage and space for quirky display of some unconventional décor.