Master bathroom renovation

Summer holidays in Greek islands set the mood for renovating this uninspired yet long and wide bathroom, filled with natural light. Large walk-in shower, a repurposed vintage table, rough surfaces, white walls and contrasting dark wooden floor create a self defined space. Designed with comfort and relaxation in mind, it’s now a space for indulgent spa – like treats carried into daily routines.

Contemporary, elegant, minimalist bathroom decor, with sleek white porcelain basin and L shaped countertop and chrome basin mixer
The Victorian pedestal sink was replaced with a sleek basin and a built in L- shaped countertop that offers storage for bath linen and more.
Bathroom unit display with perfumes and wooden storage box. Athmospheric women bathroom decor ideas, bathroom accessories display ideas
Storage and treasured objects display.
Upcycled ideas for bathroom, upcycle storage for walk in shower, with second hand wooden ladder and painted stool
Upcycle ideas for bathrooms